My works on canvas speak to my curiosity of the scrawling lines of bare tree branches, the whispering movement of cast shadows, the sculptural crevices of stones and discarded seed pods, and their evocative connection to the human condition, sharing inspiration with human cellular structure and anatomical presence, the biological and emotional aspects of parenthood, and also connections to pain, destruction, and reluctant, yet joyful, rebirth.  My work walks a fine line between realism and abstraction, exploring that specific boundary between the two in the natural world.

morgan|johnson|norwood   visual art

Studio portrait
Morgan Johnson Norwood
Photographer: Michael Hochradel

The 2020 Arlington Visual Art Studio Tour went virtual. 2020 Arlington Visual Art Studio Tour. Click here to view my video.

Email me to schedule a personal studio visit! I create my work at
Columbia Pike Artist Studios, and would love to show you what I'm up to. I am interested in keeping us both safe, so masks are required in my small space. I am also happy to offer a personalized virtual studio visit. Please Email me for more information.


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